Building Your App

Building a Relying Party application.
The following sections describe how to build a Relying Party Application that interacts with the IDPartner system.
There are two main methods of integrating with the IDPartner ecosystem:
  • using the NodeJS IDPartner Provided SDK - simplified SDKs that are tailored to the IDPartner ecosystem requirements
  • using a generic OIDC library - generic SDKs that require configuration and integration to work with the IDPartner ecosystem.
The IDPartner provides SDKs to provide a simplified interface that abstracts away the complexities of dealing with private key JWT and pushed authorization requests that need to be managed when using a standard library.
It is strongly recommended that unless you have intimate familiarity with OIDC-based integrations, using private key JWT and Pushed Authorization Requests, you should consider integrating using the IDPartner SDK.
Note that the IDPartner SDK provides wrappers around the standard libraries - if you choose to implement directly using a generic OIDC library, the SDK source code may assist as a reference implementation for you to follow.