Building Your App

Building a Relying Party application.

To integrate with the IDPartner system, you have two main methods:

  1. Using the NodeJS IDPartner Provided SDK:

    • Simplified SDKs tailored to the IDPartner ecosystem requirements.

    • Abstracts complexities for seamless integration.

    • Recommended for easier integration, especially if you are new to OIDC-based integrations.

  2. Using a Generic OIDC Library:

    • Generic SDKs that require configuration and integration with the IDPartner ecosystem.

    • Offers flexibility but may involve more setup and customization.

For production access, you will need a certificate for mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication.

While the IDPartner Provided SDK is recommended for a smoother integration experience, the generic OIDC library option provides flexibility. The IDPartner SDK source code can serve as a reference implementation if you choose the generic OIDC library approach.

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