Registering the Trust Platform

Registering Trust Platform into the IDPartner Network
In order for the Authorization Server to be discoverable within the ConnectID Network, it needs to be registered as an Authorisation Server with the IDPartner Directory.
The IDPartner Trust Platform provides all the services necessary for the identity provider to be discovered within the Network and enables Relying Parties to execute a secure authentication session.
IDPartner allows Identity providers to register multiple trust platform applications that you can use for different environments during development.

Retrieving the Trust Platform Services

Contact us to get access to the IDPartner Trust Platform services. These services contain a FAPI-compliant OIDC Provider and connector services to perform out-of-band communication or redirect authentication to an existing OAuth service.
To register the Trust Platform:
  1. 1.
    Login or create a new account from the IDPartner Console
  2. 2.
    Go to the Trust Platform Directory navigation
  3. 3.
    Register a new Trust Platform
The following fields are required;
Identity Provider name
This will be displayed to users in the IDPartner Account Selection
Customer Friendly Logo URI
Link to the Identity Provider branding artifact (logo). This will be displayed to customers by RPs to aid brand recognition. It should be SVG format.
The identity provider website
OIDC Provider URI
Link to the Open ID Provider Service provided by IDPartner
Authentication Connect URI
Link to one of the authentication connector services that the Trust Platform provides; This will either be the Out of Band or the OAuth Adapter Service
Branding Text Color
The text color that appears in the IDP branded button after a user authenticates successfully
Branding Background Color
The background color of the branded IDP Button
  1. 4.
    The new Trust Platform is displayed with UUID. The UUID should be configured into the Open ID Provider