Identity Provider User Guide

The IDPartner Identity Provider Platform can be installed into any ID Provider to support same device redirect and cross-device out-of-band authentication allowing for a fast and secure identity verification experience for end users.

The Trust Platform supports 3 flows to authenticate a user

  1. OAuth Authorization Code Flow.

  2. QR Code authentication/pairing.

  3. push authentication identity authentication.

IDPartner provides the software for Identity Providers to integrate into the IDPartner network so Relying Parties can support fast and secure identity verification for their users.

The IDPartner solution is based on open standards, including OpenID Connect and FAPI. These standards are used to provide a solution that allows User’s Identity information to be shared by an Identity Provider with a Relying Party, once the User has provided their consent.

Quick Start

To setup an end to end environment to create and run a Trust Platform go through the 5 steps below.

  1. React out to for the Trust Platform Images.

  2. View your Identity Provider in the account selector after clicking on IDPartner from Step 1.

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