Configuring the Trust Platform

IDPartner provides a comprehensive set of services that collectively form the Trust Platform. These services are designed to enable seamless integration between Identity Providers and Relying Parties. The following services are offered by IDPartner:

  1. oidc-provider-service: All Identity Providers implemented by IDPartner adhere to the OIDC (OpenID Connect) interface, following IDPartner's specifications. This adherence ensures that Relying Parties can develop their applications once against this standard and seamlessly integrate with all Identity Providers within the IDPartner network.

  2. authorization-adapter-service: The authorization adapter service establishes a connection between the OIDC provider and an existing OAuth2 Authorization Server maintained by the Identity Provider. This integration allows for a smooth and secure authentication flow between the Trust Platform and the Identity Provider's authentication infrastructure.

  3. backchannel-authentication-service: The backchannel authentication service is responsible for coordinating and managing out-of-band communication. It supports various authentication methods such as QR Code and Push Authentication. Through the use of cryptography, this service generates, exchanges, and secures data between the Trust Platform and the secondary communication channel, ensuring a robust and secure authentication process.

By leveraging these services within the IDPartner Trust Platform, Identity Providers can seamlessly integrate with Relying Parties, providing a reliable and secure authentication experience for end-users.

Please note that these services are part of the Trust Platform provided by IDPartner, and you can request access to them during the Trust Platform registration process.

Configuring each component is described in the docker-compose example

For access to the docker images or to build from source reach out to

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