Descope is a comprehensive authentication platform designed to streamline user verification processes. By integrating with IDPartner, Descope enhances its security capabilities by offering robust bank-based authentication. This integration ensures that users are verified through their banking details, providing a higher level of security and trust.

  1. Navigate to the IDPartner Console and click on "Sign Up."

  1. Enter your email, then verify it as prompted.

  1. Log into your IDPartner account.

  2. Locate the "Descope" example application in your dashboard, which is pre-configured to work with Descope. It is recommended to rename this application to match your own application's name.

  1. Access the "IDPartner Bank-based ID" authentication method from the Descope Authentication Methods Page.

  1. Copy the Client ID from IDPartner and paste it into the Client ID section on Descope.

  2. Copy the Client Secret from IDPartner and paste it into the Client Secret section on Descope.

  1. You are now ready to integrate IDPartner within the Descope flows to verify your users through their bank, providing a stronger verification method.

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