IDPartner Overview

Introduction to IDPartner from a technical point of view.


IDPartner is a global trust network that helps your users prove their identity in seconds using a verification from their financial institution. It addresses a problem that all 5 billion Internet users face: how to prove who they are and how to build trust online.

IDPartner combines the convenience and speed of Social login with the trust and security of the global financial system. By turning your bank app into a digital ID authenticator and trust platform, we will make every online interaction safer, faster and easier for billions of people.

User Journey

  1. IDPartner is setup by including the IDPartner button into your website or app and creating an OAuth redirect handler.

  2. Users selects from a list of supported identity providers.

  3. After selecting their identity provider the user is redirected to authorize access in their banking app or website.

  4. In the app users authenticate to the Strong Customer Authentication standards required of the banks and authorize sharing of their identity data.

  5. The bank redirects users back to your website or app.

  6. Your service makes an API call to the bank to access identity information.

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